vquest 2000

12-13 august 2000

       There is an event called "The Game" that's been going on for a number of years. It has evolved into a 24+ hour contest where teams compete against each other by solving puzzles, looking for clues, and doing some very unique things along the way. Eric rounded up a team of players from Amazon.com, which became Team White in the vQuest 2000 competition. We ended up in last place, but would definitely try competing again!

Organizer sites
   vQuest 2000
   Game Control

In the August 13 copy of the Seattle Times, a photo of Team White was featured on the front page of the local section!

Press releases
   Seattle Times, 13 Aug 2000
   Seattle Times, 14 Aug 2000
   Wired, 15 Aug 2000
   Rolling Stone Magazine, 16 Aug 2000

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